Sep 24 Share-a-Day Update: Schedule Announced!

The schedule and workshop titles for the upcoming September 24th Share-a-Day have now been announced:

Opening Up to a Bigger World

Opening up to the worldSt. Margaret’s House
Fulton Street (between Pearl & Cliff Streets)


  • Registration & Orientation
  • Literature (throughout the day)
  • Sponsor/Sponsee meetup (throughout the day)


  • Introduction, including qualifications and sharing


  • Claiming Our Seat
  • Coming Out of the Cave
  • Action Meetings (thoughout the morning)


  • Taking Risks in Recovery
  • Owning Our Recovery


  • Registration


  • How High Can We Fly?
  • What is Abundance/Prosperity?


  • The 3 A’s: Awareness, Acceptance, Action
  • Vision & Goals


  • Talent Share


  • Closing, Announcements, Serenity Prayer

Printable Flyer: Share-a-Day 10 September 24, 2017




Recovery in UA – February 25 Share-a-Day

The theme of our February 25 Share-a-Day is “Recovery in UA.” We are again holding the event at St. Margaret’s House, 49  Fulton Street in Manhattan, but we are delighted to announce that we have been able to obtain more space for this event. This allows us to give members a choice of which stream most suits their needs in each session. We will also be running a Sponsor Meetup throughout the day.

Please make your choices and register for the event below:

Save the date – next Share-a-Day Feb 25!

The next Empire Share-a-Day will be Saturday, February 25, from 9:00am to 6:00pm. We will again be holding the event at St. Margaret’s House on Fulton Street, but this time we have found more space. That allows us to run multiple streams at once, so you can pick and choose which topics are most helpful to you!

We are still working out the full details—note especially that the titles of some of the sessions may change slightly—so please be on the lookout for another email with the full schedule and registration information!

As always, we need volunteers to help with tasks both big and small, before and during the event. Most especially this time, we will be needing coordinators—no recovery necessary, just the willingness to stand around directing traffic and answering questions. We are also looking for help at the registration table and the literature table. If you are feeling drawn to step up for the Tool of Service, these are wonderful opportunities! Please contact, and we will put you to good use!